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Use this page to buy a course; or any of our products or resources. Courses offer greater flexibilty over when sessions take place. Once payment is confirmed you will receive communication to arrange your preferred dates. 

For information on each service check the 'Prices' page.

Course: Standard Online Tuition (no resources) £40 ea

£320 - £960

Course: Advanced Online Tuition (with resources)  £50 ea

£400 - £1,200

Course: English for Speakers of Other Languages £50 ea

£400 - £1,200

Course: Accelerate Maths Booster Online £15 ea

£120 - £360

Featured - Premium Topic Workbooks

These outstanding booklets have been compiled by some of the best minds in the educational sector. Fully in line with the English National Curriculum, they contain key information, topic related and age appropriate vocabulary, knowledge organisers and in-depth information for a deep dive into each curriculum subject.

Perfect for reading comprehension activities and improving writing. These materials are already included in the 'Advanced, Expert, and Premium' services. Click on the links below to buy.

Course: My Homework Pal
Online £15 ea

£120 - £360

Course: Online Small Class (minimum of 2 students) £20 ea

£320 - £960

Course: Advanced Tutors Home Tuition £50 ea

£400 - £1,200

Course:  Expert  Students  Home Tuition £60 ea

£480 - £1,440

Featured - Expert GCSE Revision Materials

Supplement your child's learning with these high-quality revision materials. You can expect: a full breakdown of each paper section by section, subject specific vocabulary, images and video links, example exam questions with model answers, case studies, explanations of exam command words, advice on how to plan and structure answers, advice on how to interpret data

These materials are already included in the 'Advanced, Expert, and Premium' services. Click on the links below to buy.

Course: Premium In Person Tuition £80 ea

£640 - £1,920

Course: In Person Small Class (minimum of 3 students) £20 ea

£480 - £1,440

Children's Party Entertainment: Super Hero Training

£150 - £250

Full Year Maths Workbooks from Whiterose


Featured - Bespoke Home Learning Packs

This is a fully bespoke learning resource designed specifically with your child's needs in mind. Content will be based on the gap analysis carried out by a teeacher.

You can expect: dedicated teacher planning time to create each individual pack, specific set goals and targets in line with the National Curriculum, three hours of activities per day for 5 days, three curriculum subjects of your choice covered, and links to videos and learning resources.

Try our Professional and Personal Copy Editing and Proofreading Services:

1 hr of Proofreading


1 hr of Copy Editing


1 hr Content / Developmental Editing


1 hr Fact Checking