Hear from some of our students and the experiences that they have had with us so far. 

Adam from


Mr Daniels taught me to improve my written and spoken English. 

I chose the Vikings topic in Year 5 because I love learning about history and Viking history is fascinating. 

Mr Daniels included reading, comprehension, grammar and writing in each session. 

I had a really good time learning with Mr Daniels. The lessons were fun and included short videos as well as reading. 

I felt more confident to try and explain my answers in full sentences and this has helped me to do better in school. 

Now I am not as shy to join in with classroom discussions. I am getting better marks with my writing because I can write sentences better using connectives and group sentences into paragraphs. 

My schoolteacher is really impressed with how well I am doing.

Sophie from


We contacted Global Learners because they had such a great range of topics and took care of finding us the most appropriate tutor.  

Ms Rasheva teaches my child reading because she had missed out on a lot of school and was not ready for Year 3. 

I am very impressed to see my child focusing for the duration of the session. It is still early days but I am begininning to see my child as a more confident reader. 

This has made her more confident in all her other lessons and she is now beginning to enjoy school a lot more. 

The lessons were well prepared and communication with Ms Rasheva was efficient and easy. 

The other parents were asking what I was doing to help her along and so 

I am recommending Global Learners to them. It was definitely worth the investment in Sophies education to see her this happy.

Nicholas from


We felt our son will benefit from some extra work with a professional tutor.

 Having Christopher Daniels working with our son made a huge impact on his performance at school and doing his homework at home. 

We are very pleased with Christopher's approach in spite of having doubts that our son can concentrate over a remote session.

 We were amazed at how well Christopher kept him engaged and the improvements he achieved just over a few lessons. 

His phonics has improved dramatically and he is much more confident with his reading. The transformation was also noticed by his teacher at school.

Juliette from


My daughter lacked confidence and the basic understanding of maths. 

Chris has boosted my 10 year old's self esteem. 

His methods of explaining maths are great and my daughter thoroughly enjoys her sessions with him. 

My daughters teacher has noticed a huge difference in her progression and confidence.

 She tackles equations on her own, which she never had the confidence for previously. 

My daughter enjoys maths now - no need to say anymore :-)

Skylar & Summer
from London


During one of the many lock downs and consequential home schooling, I discovered from my brother that my nieces were falling behind with their school work.

I wanted to help my brother and my nieces. So I contacted Chris at Global Learners and asked for some private tutoring. Both the girls took a shine to Chris and his teaching style. They looked forward to his lessons and responded well to his way of teaching.

His thorough reports on a bi-weekly basis to myself, my brother and parents were very insightful and useful. We found the reports he would share far more useful than what we would normally see from their school.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone looking to get some extra support / tutoring with their children.

Laith from


My son has weaknesses in mathematics and English because English is a second language for us. 

We have an experience with Mr Chris about 4 months and my son improved significantly until his teacher at school told me that he had developed.

 His method of teaching is wonderful and refreshing!! He is patient and supportive but knows how to motivate his students. 

He's great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities improving my son's skills. 

Also, he does not look at the time, even if the lesson exceeds the specified period. 

The important thing is that he communicates the information to my son and makes sure he understands it, so I recommend working with Mr Chris 

Hector from


Our son really struggled in reception; and by year 1 we decided he needed extra help at home, especially when it came to reading and writing.

 We are so thankful we found Chris, he is wonderful with our son who is always happy to see him. We have seen real progress over the last six months and a significant change in his ability to concentrate.

 What has been the most exciting change is his attitude towards learning has greatly improved!

 We would recommend Chris from the Global Learners Academy to anyone looking for additional support for their child, he is a fantastic tutor! 

Chris from


I contacted GLA Tutors as I was looking to re-take my GCSCs many years later to improve my grades. 

I started with an advanced Package to assist me with my learning and exam preparation as it has been a while since I have studied.

It was a very easy approach and my goals were all layed out in front of me, so I could easily manage the workload and learn at my own pace. 

I have dyslexia and do struggle with concentration, but I found this the easiest way to learn and a plan was put in place helping me study, understand and prepare for the exams.

I was so pleased with what I took away from GLA and couldn’t recommend more.