Learning Packages
First Session is Free

Take a scroll down and browse all our unique packages to suit every need and budget. We insist on giving the first session booked for free, and if you are not happy after that, then you have the right to cancel within 24 hours. 

We also offer a referral scheme: for every new client that you refer to us, you get a free tutoring session when they complete a booking. 

Our expertly crafted and bespoke one-to-one packages 

All of our packages include an initial assessment of need in the curriculum area that you have chosen with an extensive gap analysis report.  

*For exclusively lower prices:

10% family discount for more than one student (10 % per each additional child)

A standard course is six weeks and roughly follows the pattern of learning of British 'term time'.  However, Global Learners teachers are available through the standard UK holidays - with the exception of 20th December to the 5th January, during which time all our teachers will be on holiday. Exceptions can be made for children studying for an examination deadline. 

With the exception of the standard package, we will provide a full report of your progress after the completion of each course of study.

(Online Only)

£40 per session

Stand alone lessons in either Maths, English (including Grammar) or Reading from our extensive range of curriculum resources. This includes Key Stages 1,2, 3 and GCSE. 

You can expect:


(Online and Tutors Home)

£50 per hour 

Ideal for those studying towards a particular exam or qualification, whether a school entry exam, the 11 plus, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) or Life in the UK Test.

You can expect: 


(Your Home)

£60 per session

A rounded educational experience, teaching our UK curriculum through a History, Geography, Religious Studies or Science topic of your choice. 

 You can expect:


Premium Package

£80 per person

 A fully immersive bespoke curriculum course designed especially for you, with your interests and aspirations in mind. Please note that this premium service is designed for one person and cannot be split amongst siblings.   

You can expect: 


Our small class and support groups

Small Class

£20 per child

If you are a part of a group with the same level of ability or studying for the same goal then why not apply for one of our focused classes? With up to six participants in each class you will benefit from the look and  feel of a real global community and shared experiences. 

My Homework Pal

£15 per hour

Are you struggling to supporting your child with homework projects? Then we may have the answer!

Global Learners is running small study groups that offer guidance and support with children's school homework. 

It is offered Monday to Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 11am-12pm 

Accelerate Maths Boost

£10 for 15 minutes
1:1 advanced booster

This class is perfect for learners that want to be ahead of the curve. Accelerate your Maths learning with daily advanced quick brain teasers, designed to train the brain to problem solve 'outside the box'.

English for speakers of other languages
From £30 - £60 per hour

If you are competent in English or studying English and in need of additional support to improve your English language skills then we could help with grammar and proficiency in the language. We could assist in improving your verbal communication and written form.

Maths Club

£15 per child

Join one of our weekly MATHS CLUBS and see your child’s attainment in Maths and enjoyment of problem solving soar.

For only £10 an hour, your child can join in with small groups of up to 10 children and have fun tackling games for fluency, verbal reasoning and problem solving.

We run clubs for Key Stage 1, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6.

KS1 Thursdays 17:00 

Y3/4 Thursdays 18:00

Y5/6 Fridays 17:00

£10 per session for one hour.

Guided Reading Club

£15 per child

Join one of our weekly GUIDED READING CLUBS and watch as your child becomes more confident in school and in accessing the whole curriculum.

Reading and understanding vocabulary is perhaps the most important skill your child will learn. It unlocks accessibility for everything they face at school and in life. 

For only £10 an hour, your child can join in with small groups of up to 10 children and have fun with quality English literature and discussions about text and language.

We run clubs for Key Stage 1, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6.

KS1 Thursdays 17:00 

Y3/4 Thursdays 18:00

Y5/6 Fridays 17:00

£10 per session for one hour.

Phonics & EAL for Early Learners (30 mins)

£20 for small group
£40 one-to-one

For young children or children new to the language, we have a vast wealth of experience training children to be competent with reading phonetically. 

We can teach the sounds and how to decode unfamiliar word using various strategies so that learners become confident readsers. 

Parent Workshops

£20 per adult
Free if child is receiving tuition

We offer parent advice and workshops in a number of areas including: phonics, the National Curriculum, SATS, the 11+, transitioning  between year groups and SEND. 

Workshops are monthly and are designed around the questions that you already have. 

These are free to attend if your child is already receiving tuition from us.

Phonics & EAL for early learners

£15 for small group or £30 one-to-one (30 minutes)

Our approach to phonic and EAL instruction is to be fully compatible with a broad and rich curriculum. 

We incorporate phonic and EAL instruction in all our training where necessary and we offer specific sessions that are systematic, with a clearly defined and structured progression for learning all the major grapheme–phoneme correspondences: digraphs, trigraphs, adjacent consonants, and alternative graphemes for the same sound.

We deliver our specific training in discrete, daily 35 minute sessions at a brisk pace that is well matched to children’s developing abilities, which are underpinned by a synthetic approach to blending phonemes in order all through a word to read it.

We aim to be multisensory, encompassing various visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities that actively engage children (e.g. manipulating magnetic or other solid letters to build words, or activities involving physical movement to copy letter shapes).

We are clear about the importance of speaking and listening as the foundation for embarking on a systematic phonics programme and for acquiring the skills of reading and writing.

The Jade & Paul Scholarship

Ignighting Potential

Paul was a child that was full of love and forgiveness. A child of the 80's and early 90's, he was undiagnosed with what is believed to be Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Separated from his family at age 11, he was raised by his Grandparents and sent to, what was then called, a school for naughty boys. We now call them schools for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH).  Paul felt let down by the state system and was very proud when he discovered I was working with children with similar needs. It's for this reason I want to continue to provide some legacy out of the senselessness of his untimely departure. 

Paul as a young boy. He eventually grew up to find the skills he needed to become a tree surgeon. 

At Global Learners, we believe passionately in 'community', and, where possible, we will always endeavour to ensure that our business dealings are both sustainable and charitable. 

Our strong belief in community is why, for every lesson taught, we are giving something back. We are a registered charity and offer you the option of contibuting 10% from every lesson towards the Jade & Paul Scholarship fund to help reach people like Paul & Jade, who might feel let down  by the state system.  We also seek donations and funding from other sources to boost the fund.

The scholarship also has places for those children from deprived backgrounds that may need a leg up to help them experience similar levels of attainment as their peers who have better access to social capital. 

If you want to apply for a place on the scholarship then simply fill in the initial contact booking form here, and specify in the comments section what it is that you think you need help with. 

Please be aware that spaces are limited to the amount of funds we have available. 

The Jade & Paul Scholarship will not be taking requests until after its oficial launch in September 2024

Jade, age 13 , was full of life and vibrancy and dreamed of working with horses. 

Lighting the way

Jade was the younger child of Paul who also tragically passed at a young age, not long after her father passed. In life, Jade also found it difficult getting the support she needed in the state educational system. Sometimes, a class based situation is not always the best setting for some children who learn in different ways. 

Jade had a lot of energy and varied interests, and, like her father, who became a tree surgeon, had a love for the outdoors. 

She was a spirit who simply could not be contained by the regiment and rigour of the classroom. Jade simply wanted to explore the things that sparked her interest.