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Our Vision:  Inspiring tomorrow's Global Leaders to believe you can
'achieve anything you want, anywhere you want!

Our Mission: To deliver high quality teaching based on the core skills found in the British curriculum with empathy, diversity and inclusivity at its heart.

Why  GLA Tutors? 

Real qualified teachers.

More than 5 years experience.

Still working in schools.

Higher level DBS clearance.

Skilled and experienced with SEND.

No platform fees.

Lower rates: 15% family discount.

Convenience of paying monthly.

Earn points for loyalty.

Flexibility to avoid cancellation fees. 

Wonderfully engaging curriculum.

High quality resources.

Instruction in all subjects 

EYFS and KS1 to 3 and adult.

GCSE English, History, Science, and RE.

Online or in person.

Small study groups or 1:1

Use Zoom for familiarity.

Your home or tutors home.

Unique enrichment opportunities.

Achieve Anything You Want Anywhere You Want

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English | Maths | Science | Phonics | History | Religion | Geography | ESOL | Home School | Exam Preparation  | SEND | Computing | Holiday Offer | Mental Fitness | Enrichment | Childrens Parties | Summer Camp


I needed help to improve my written and spoken English. I wanted to prepare for the entry exam for a vocational course. Global Learners Academy Tutors were highly recommended by a friend who had children being taught by them. The service is professional and friendly and I am so happy with the progress I have made. I passed the exam! However, I am still seeing them, online, twice a week to refine my grammar and spoken skills. 


My son has weaknesses in Mathematics and English because English is a second language for us; but with Mr Chris, my son improved significantly and his teacher at school told me that he had developed rapidly. His method of teaching is wonderful and refreshing!! The important thing is that he communicates the information to my son and makes sure he understands it. I recommend working with Mr Chris!


We cant recommend Chris enough! Our daughter really struggled with school and fell behind. Since working with Chris, we have seen a huge improvement in Year 1. Chris has an amazing way of engaging our daughter in learning, which is no mean feat, she even looks forward to her tutoring sessions. We would 100% recommend him to any parent. 

Our Featured Teachers

An avid cyclist...

Beth spends much of her time cycling from A to B, 'around the houses' in London, and back again - come rain or shine! 

When she doesn't have her head in a book, you might find her in a music hall or comedy show. 

Although born and bred in London, being an English and History enthusiast, her heart still skips a beat every time she stumbles across historical gems that she has never seen before.

Christopher is a dab hand in the kitchen!  

He loves writing and photographing everything that ... well, EVERYTHING! 

Coming from Manchester, he has travelled the world and finally settled in the Big Smoke (London), which he loves; and even wrote a book about it! 

He is the founder of GLA Tutors; and, having authored two books, his passion is in English Language and History.

Chris is another entrepreneur in Business - and in the Arts!

Being a Singer-Songwriter, he has a wonderfully strong command of the English language. His genres include rap, pop, jazz, and soul.

Chris is super inspired by other people's enthusiasm and creativity and this fires up his creative current. He sees all relationships as a form of collaboration - and he has collaborated with some incredible talent. 

He looks forward to the shared  creative experiences that teaching English brings. 

Tony is our Tech Guru ...

and we are glad we found him! He could teach you a thing or two about anything from AI Animation to Cyber Security to Graphic Design! 

Tony is a worldly man and well travelled from Mexico, Laos, Cambodia, Bali, Myanmar, Southern China and Macau to putting his TEFL qualification to good use in Thailand. 

He has been teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages in various countries for the past 10 years.


Sharon has recently relocated from Dubai to London. She spent 13 years in the UAE, where she regularly enjoyed camping and hiking whilst learning Arabic and making friends from all over the world.

Her passions are being outdoors (when the weather in the UK allows her to!), taking long walks, swimming, and reading. When she is not in London, Sharon will be found in Northern Ireland with her parents or travelling around Asia and the Middle East.

Driving Up Self-Esteem Through Positive Results

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English | Maths | Science | Phonics | History | Religion | Geography | ESOL | Home School | Exam Preparation  | SEND | Computing | Holiday Offer | Mental Fitness | Enrichment | Childrens Parties | Summer Camp

A warm welcome to GLA Tutors from the Principal Director.

GLA Tutors Founding Principles - Quality

GLA Tutors Founding Principles - Accountability

Meet our Newest Teacher

Got group of children that need to learn superhero powers? Need some entertainment for a childrens party? We are pleased to announce that a SUPER HERO has joined our team! 

Click now for more information.

As a student with GLA Tutors, not only will you be a part of a growing online global community, but you will also have the chance to give something back. There is an option to donate up to 10% of the price paid for every lesson that will go directly into the Jade & Paul Scholarship fund. This fund will allow learners from low income families or with a special educational need or disability to have the same access to the high-quality tuition you can expect with Global Learners Academy. The fund also provides access to independent referrals to educational therapists.

Our Founding Principles


We do more than just connect you with freelance tutors. We are set up like a real online school, providing supplementary education, that is accountable for our teachers, our curriculum and the teaching outcomes.  This means that you can always expect the very best in high standards, creativity and consistency in the delivery of our services. 


Our curriculum is extensive and challenging. As tutors, we will provide the targets and learning objectives for your lessons, but you are free to choose from our many and varied curriculum topics, whether it is 'Kings and Queens' that captures your imagination or 'Skeletons' or 'Electricity'


The curriculum resources that we use have been created by some of the best minds in academia. Each lesson follows a tried and tested pattern that ensures full breadth and coverage of core curriculum skills, topic related vocabulary and takes learners on a deep dive into curriculum topics for a true mastery level experience. 


Now, more than ever, we believe it is so important to have those in mind that may not have had the same opportunities in life that we have enjoyed.  We believe passionately in giving something back to the wider community, which is why we set up the Paul & Jade Scholarship to help children from low income families. 

Our Commitment to Mental Health 

We understand that schools can be stressful places. Therefore, in line with our commitment to empathy, compassion, inclusivity and diversity, we are teachers who are 100% behind the promotion and safeguarding of well-being and mental fitness - of our tutors and of our students. 

We do not believe that 'working hard' is smart or clever. We believe in balance and 'working wisely'. 

We know that only teachers who are cared for and looked after are capable of caring for and looking after the well-being and mental health of those in their charge. 

We are passionate about promoting the values of respect, care and nurturing mental health because strong and happy minds are successful minds. 

GLA Tutors is providing a stress-free working model so we can ensure a stress-free learning journey. 

In fact, nurturing mental health is not only the bedrock of Global Learners Academy, but it is also the cornerstone of every single thing we do. 

Personal Tutors  Exporting Quality British Education Globally

Catering for all ages from Primary to GCSE level and adults, here at Global Learners Academy we are teachers who understand that everyone is different and that every need is important. We understand the pressures of every day life upon families and the highly increasing need for them to support their loved ones in education - at whatever age they to come to it.  We aim to provide only the assistance and guidance that is absolutely necessary for each individual to succeed to the best of their ability.

In our first meetings we will carry out a thorough assessment of the learner's reading, mathematics and literacy (including grammar) ability. From that, we will carry out an extensive gap analysis to ascertain where gaps and weaknesses are in their core knowledge of the English National Curriculum principles. 

We will then provide you with a full report of these strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for the most appropriate package for them. All of our teachers that carry out the asessment  are trained and experienced practitioners in the English National Curriculum, so designing a high quality package that is individually tailored to the learner's needs is something that we can provide. 

You can choose from the full packages on offer or opt to apply for financial assistance to help you access some of the learning at a rate that is more comfortable to your financial situation. 

For more information on the cost of our tuition click here.

Professionalism and Safety for Peace of Mind
What Makes GLA Tutors Different? 

All of our teachers have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and have at least 3 years teaching experience in European schools. Educated to degree and post graduate degree level, you can count on our teachers' knowledge and professionalism. 

Adhering to the UK Government's Teacher's Standards, teachers make the education of their learners their first concern, and are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards in work and conduct. Teachers act with honesty and integrity; have strong subject knowledge, keep their knowledge and skills as teachers up-to-date and are self-critical; forge positive professional relationships; and, where applicable,  work with parents in the best interests of their learners. 

All of our teachers are currently working in registered UK and European schools or agencies and have all had the relevant detailed background checks. They all possess the required enhanced Disqualification and Barring Service (DBS) certificate. 

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and The British Council.

As a trusted brand, at Global learners Academy we can guarantee the quality of education provided and cater for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students with their welfare in mind. We can also guarantee the suitability of staff and the information provided with an efficient and speedy system for handling of feedback and complaints. 

We are different from most other tuition 'platforms' that you will find online because, unlike most other 'platforms' we are an actual Global Academy. We do not just facilitate a meeting between tutors and students and absolve ourselves of responsibility. We take full responsibility for the provision of education, for the quality of that education and for the continued development of our curriculum. We take accountability for the outcomes and genuinely care about our learners' success.

We are a group of teachers who have developed this site with our passion for teaching in mind and actively participate in the tuition of our learners from beginning to end. 

For more information on our legal compliance and terms of service click here. 

 Get Specialist Help with a Referral for a SEND Assessment

We understand that this may be an area where you feel that the state education system is falling short. If you have a child that has a special educational need or a disability (SEND) and you are in need of specialist advice or if you are looking for a private assessment, then we might be able to help you. 

We have built, and continue to build, strong relationships with specialist occupational and speech and language therapists. Through us, it is possible to obtain a speedy recognised independent assessment of your child and specialist support. Teachers work closely with these specialists to deliver the high quality tools and activities provided as part of the child's assessment. 

Our independent referrals will help you to hurry the process of accessing the right kind of support for your child. 

For more information on getting help with SEND click here. 

Taking Care of the Small Steps to Close the Gaps

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