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Or you can choose from our range of diverse and inclusive literature:

Y1 Katie in London by James Mayhew

Y1 Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

Y2 George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

Y2 Malala's Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai

Y3 Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman

Y3 The BFG by Roald Dahl

Y4 Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Y4 Secret Friends by Elizabeth Laird

Y5 Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo

Y5 The Girl who Stole an Elephant

Y6 The Other Side of the Truth by Beverley Naidoo

Y6 Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Our Maths Curriculum

Influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading Maths researchers and practitioners across the world, White Rose Maths brings together a team of highly experienced and passionate Maths teaching experts to train, guide, help and support all those who want to make change happen in their schools.

White Rose is building a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in Maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress. No matter what their starting points.

The underpinning success of White Rose is the insistence on teaching learners where they are at, and not where you want them to be. The course ensures that learners are secure in each small step that they need before they are moved along. This training guarantees that learners have a solid and secure foundational understanding of all the key concepts in Mathematics.

White Rose provides a clear, simple, uncluttered and concise learning experience.

In every Maths lesson, learners will have the opportunity to grasp new core concepts; practice fluency with that concept; engage in verbal reasoning; and tackle problem solving in real life scenarios.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Global Learners uses Zones of Regulation to help students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities.

Using a cognitive behaviour approach, the curriculum's learning activities are designed to help students recognise when they are in different states of mind called "zones".

Students explore calming techniques, cognitive strategies, and sensory supports so they will have a toolbox of methods to use to move between zones and regulate their emotions and responses to how they feel.

The curriculum's learning activities are presented in 18 lessons designed to have a marked impact on behaviour and participation.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

For those new arrivals to the UK, we offer experienced tuition and an extensive range of resources to help early learners get up to speed with the English language.

Language skills are important for a child's success and self-esteem.

Help break down those barriers to learning with Global Learners Academy.

Phonics for Early Readers

We use Letters and Sounds as a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics. It is used in many schools in England and it is split into six phases, from starting to learn about sounds in phase one to becoming fluent readers in phase six.

Letters and Sounds has many positive attributes and technicalities - especially for EAL learners - that are missing in the Read Write Inc programme, which many schools are now adopting.

Read Write Inc helps children to become fluent readers by teaching them to learn words by rote. However, it does little for children's reading comprehension (understanding), because children don't have the opportunity to understand the meaning of the words taught other than by the context of the words.

Letters and Sounds improves reading comprehension because it is a visual, systematic, approach, which includes learning and embedding the meaning of every word that is taught. As experienced teachers in KS1 in a range of schools that use both schemes of work, we believe that this method provides children with a vast range of vocabulary that they understand and will use and develop as they progress.