Maths Tuition

"Now I am more able to identify my own errors and misconceptions because of the way additional tuition with Global Learners filled the gaps in my knowledge."

For primary Key Stage 1 and 2  (age 5 - 12)  
Exam preparation for SATs and the 11+
Fluency in numeracy; reasoning and problem solving
Experts in filling the gaps and addressing misconceptions
Help with homework for only £10
Short 15 minute booster sessions for advanced learners only £10
One-to-one from £30 per session
Small group classes from £20 per session
Parent workshops in the Maths curriculum 

Influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading Maths researchers and practitioners across the world, White Rose Maths brings together a team of highly experienced and passionate Maths teaching experts to train, guide, help and support all those who want to make change happen in their schools.

The course ensures that learners are secure in each small step that they need before they are moved along. This training guarantees that learners have a solid and secure foundational understanding of all the key concepts in Mathematics.

White Rose provides a clear, simple, uncluttered and concise learning experience.

In every Maths lesson, learners will have the opportunity to grasp new core concepts; practice fluency with that concept; engage in verbal reasoning; and tackle problem solving in real life scenarios.

Accelerate Maths Boosters

15 minute Maths booster sessions to challenge and tease the minds of our advanced maths learners to ensure that they remain ahead of the curve. 

Only £10 for 15 minuites. 

Help with Homework

Daily sessions Monday to Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 11am-12pm 

Allow your child to tune in to a qualified teacher who will be on hand to offer support for children in case they have any questions or are not secure with their Maths learning.