Phonics & Reading

"We were amazed at how well Christopher kept our son engaged and the improvements he achieved just over a few lessons. His phonics has improved dramatically and he is much more confident with his reading. The transformation was also noticed by his teacher at school."

For primary Key Stage 1 and 2 to secondary GCSE (age 5 - 16)
Phonics to support English as an additional language
Exam preparation for phonics screening SATs, 11+, GCSE and ESOL
Proficiency in reading and grammar
Taught through a diverse and inclusive range of  English literature
Help with homework for only £10
One-to-one from £30 per session
Small group classes from £20 per session
Parent workshops in reading and phonics

Letters & Sounds

We use Letters and Sounds as a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics. It is used in many schools in England and it is split into six phases, from starting to learn about sounds in phase one to becoming fluent readers in phase six.

Letters and Sounds has many positive attributes and technicalities - especially for EAL learners - that are missing in the Read Write Inc programme, which many schools are now adopting.

Read Write Inc helps children to become fluent readers by teaching them to learn words by rote. However, it does little for children's reading comprehension (understanding), because children don't have the opportunity to understand the meaning of the words taught other than by the context of the words. 

Letters and Sounds improves reading comprehension because it is a visual, systematic, approach, which includes learning and embedding the meaning of every word that is taught. As experienced teachers in KS1 in a range of schools that use both schemes of work, we believe that this method provides children with a vast range of vocabulary that they understand and will use and develop as they progress.

English Through Literature

We have gathered together a wonderfully vibrant and inclusive range of litrerature to deliver reading lessons through some of the greatest texts in children's literature. 

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English as an Additional Language

For our early learners who are new to the UK or just working towards proficiency in the English Language.

For adult learners who are seeking to improve their English or working towards a specific qualification or examination in English.

One-to-one sessions from £30 per session. 
Small class only £20

Help with Homework

Daily sessions Monday to Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 11am-12pm 

Allow your child to tune in to a qualified teacher who will be on hand to offer support for children in case they have any questions or are not secure with their reading.