Part of our success is to bring the curriculum alive through varied and exciting activities outside of the classroom. 

We offer unique enrichment opportunities as rewards for children who put the effort into their learning. 

Using a 'marbles in the jar' type rewards system and Class Dojo, children learn the value of earing their enrichment rewards. 

At GLA Tutors,  we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and we are excited to introduce our exceptional child enrichment opportunities that extend beyond the confines of the traditional classroom setting.   Our commitment to fostering holistic development has led us to curate a diverse range of experiences aimed at enriching your child's educational journey.   From enlightening visits to cultural heritage sites and engaging educational outings to hands-on science experiments, culinary adventures, and gardening escapades, our programs are meticulously designed to provide a multifaceted approach to learning.  

We understand that education extends far beyond textbooks, and our goal is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning in your child. 

Join us in creating memorable and transformative experiences that will shape not only their academic success but also their character and perspective on the world.

Crazy about science 

Whether it's making a lava lamp or watching a volcano explode, children can use ICT to research their science project and have a go at making it happen.

All creatures great and small

Learn about animals and agriculture at Vauxhall or Deen City Farm. Children love to get up close and personal with their favourite farm animal. 

Dem bones and dem dry bones

The British Museum, The Natural History Museum or the Horniman Museum. Connect with the past and curiosities of the world in one of London's treasure troves. 

Ready steady cook

Children find a recipe, write the recipe, create a shopping list, and go shopping to act out real life in this can't cook won't cook treat. 

Little green fingers

Get down and dirty in the garden or in one of London's vibrant parks to learn about nature and growing. Children can plant and nurture their own plant.